вторник, 2 сентября 2008 г.

и снова текстильное

сегодня захотелось сохранить работы Jackie (dogdaisy92)
такие многодельные, сюжетные, чудесные по колористике, очень красивые декоративные панно и прочие душевные мелочи...

3 комментария:

Jackie комментирует...

Thank you...I think! I don't understand a word, or know where you are from. Russia?

JaneGaudy комментирует...

Jackie, I'm so glad that you visited my blog, it's a nice surprise for me, thank you!
Yes, you're right, I'm from Russia.
The original text of the blog entry is: "textile again. Today I would like to save works of Jackie, which are so detail-rich, narrative, wonderful in colors, very beautiful ornamental panels and other nice small things..."
Keep on working, I wish you a lot of creative ideas!

Jackie комментирует...

Oh thank you Jane.
I have a stat counter so could see that you had visited me and was very surprised to this post. I am very flattered by your kind words.